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Lamb Chuck (Boneless or Bone-in)

Lamb Chuck (Boneless or Bone-in)

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  • Or Call the shop for availability: (415)-558-9887
  • Bone-in: $11.99/lb, Boneless: $13.99/lb
  • Add $1/lb for the Classic Seasoning
  • The Classic Seasoning includes: Salt, Black Pepper, Olive Oil, Thyme and slices of Garlic
  • One Whole Bone-in Lamb Chuck Roast weighs roughly between 3 lb and 4 lb
  • One Whole Boneless Lamb Chuck Roast weighs roughly between 0.8 lb and 2 lb
  • A well-exercised muscle that has plenty of connective tissue
  • Best to slow roast, braise or stew

Cooking Instructions

It requires a low, slow cooking method and best to combine with juices from the bones (with red wine), which delivers a tender and flavorful result.

Lamb shoulder bone-in is deal for braise or Stew Lamb.

It can also be cooked whole or excellent as steaks.

Internal meat temperature should reach 125°F - 135°F for medium-rare

Pick-up Guideline

For the moment, all orders are for pick-up at the shop only.

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