The Meat

  • At Olivier’s Butchery, our quest for the finest meat is at the core of everything we do.  We have searched the length and breadth of the US’s local Ranches and International to find the best product, and its quality is second to none. 

  • Hand-picking and personally transporting the livestock whenever possible is our way of ensuring that only the very best makes it to our shelves.

  • Our commitment to traditional butchery means that every carcass Olivier brings back or receives is meticulously broken down, typically 2 to 3 times a week. It’s this attention to detail that makes Olivier’s meats so unique.

  • Engaging closely with our ranchers and producers is not just a duty but a passion for us. Olivier's dedication, honed from generations of family tradition, shines through in every cut. Each order is prepared with precision, guaranteeing that you get exactly what you desire every single time.

What we carry

The Beef

Our Beef is traditionally and domestically raised in the open pasture with the collaboration of our ranchers and meat producers.

They are on a 100% Vegetarian Grass-fed and Grain-Finished diet, non-GMO, Pesticide-free. No antibiotics and No added Hormones

They are treated with the utmost care, using humane animal welfare practices

We also have a curated selection of Australian Wagyu cut

The Pork

We take pride in our large selection of Pasture-Raiswd Pork products.  We use our pork to create fresh house-made sausages and beautifully tied roasts with our house blend of spices, no preservatives, filler, or nitrites. 

Occasionally we will have Suckling Pigs.  The whole pig purchase is available for order in advance.

The Lamb

Our Lamb is pasture-raised humanely with the utmost care. They have carefully chosen each week more for you to experience the freshest lamb with unique and lingering flavor.

Besides our traditional cuts, we provide French Lamb Roasts; we also make our Moroccan style Merguez sausage.

The Poultry

Our birds are Free-range and pasture-raised.  They are active, happy, and have space to grow; this is why they are so full of flavor and taste.  Try our whole poultry or parts: breast, leg, thigh, wings, or even in our infamous “Roti,” which we deboned and stuffed for your convenience cooking to roast or braise.  

Our Coastal Hill Farm eggs are picked up weekly directly from the farm.  All of the birds are raised using mobile units that are moved throughout the ranch.