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Pork Chop (Roast or Chopped)

Pork Chop (Roast or Chopped)

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  • The price displayed is only an estimate. Use the code DEPOSIT to pre-pay 50% of your order. You'll pay the remaining balance of the final weight in store.
  • Please allow us 24 hours to prepare your order. All deposit are non-refundable.
  • Unseasoned: $12.99/lb, Seasoned: $13.99/lb
  • One whole Pork Rack Roast contains 10 to 12 Ribs
  • One Chop roughly weighs between 0.5 lb to 0.8 lb
  • The rack is found at the back of the animal. This is where you find your traditional pork rib chop.

Cooking Suggestions

1) Preheat the over at 325°F - 350°F

2) Roast it for 1 - 1 1/2 hour or until the internal meat temperature reaches at 140°F

3) Remove meat from the heat source, with a five to ten minute rest time before carving.

Pick-up Guideline

For the moment, all orders are for pick-up at the shop only.

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