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Picanha (Whole or Steaks)

Picanha (Whole or Steaks)

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  • The price displayed is only an estimate. Use the code DEPOSIT to pre-pay 50% of your order. You'll pay the remaining balance of the final weight in store.
  • Please allow us 24 hours to prepare your order. All deposit are non-refundable.
  • All orders are cut to our best estimate.
  • $14.99/lb (add $1/lb for seasoning)
  • 100% Grass Fed Grass Finished Black Angus, Non-GMO, No Antibiotics, No Added Hormones.
  • One 1" steak weighs between 0.5 lb and 0.7 lb.
  • One whole Picanha weighs between 3 lb and 4 lb.
  • Classic Seasoning: Salt, Black Pepper, Olive Oil, Thyme, and slices of Garlic.
  • Picanha - Rump Cap is exceptionally flavorful and has a unique triangular shape, lean red muscle meat, and a generous buttery fat cap that is found upper portion of the cattle's rump.
  • It can be perfectly roasted in a whole, or steaks are cut against the grain and prepared on the skewers. It is famously known as Churrasco de Picanha.

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