Olivier the Butcher

Olivier Cordier was born in Burgundy, France, a region known for its rolling green pastures, decadent cuisine, and robust breed of cattle.

The tradition of cattle ranching and butchery has been passed down through many generations in the Cordier family, whose philosophy has always been tooted
in respect for the animal and a passion for fresh, healthy food. Olivier was to carry on this tradition at a young age.
His father built him his miniature table to work at when he was only five, and he later spent many long nights after school preparing meats with his father. Olivier also worked alongside his grandmother, who raised chickens, rabbits, and swine for the family business.
At fifteen, Olivier bought himself six Charolais cattle, a muscular breed prized in the Burgundy region. Olivier cared for the cattle and later won a competition at a regional cattle fair.
Afterward, he sold them to his father’s Butcher Shop. These early experiences allowed Olivier to refine his skills and sincerely appreciate the well-being of animals and the family business.