Thanksgiving 2020


  • All Turkey products are pre-order only
  • All orders are non-refundable
  • No Turkey orders and changes accepted after Friday Nov. 20th
  • Pickup available during business hours Saturday 11/21 through Wednesday 11/25.


In alignment with COVID-19 public health orders, we have improved our ordering process to provide you with a one-time, contactless ordering process for turkeys this year.  For these online orders, an express pick-up only option will be available.  If you would like to purchase other meats, they will not be available for pickup with this option. 

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Because the Branigan family raises its turkeys longer (25 to 27 weeks), they develop a thin film of fat underneath the skin that literally makes them self-basting. The bird cooks in its own juices, making them a healthier option. If you’ve never tasted one before, you’re in for a treat…

*** Turkeys weigh from 12lb – 25lb

*** Not sure how much to order? General Rule of Thumb: 1.5-2 lb/person for whole turkey, 1 lb/person for roti and brick

*** Click here for turkey cooking tips!

Pick your size:

12-14 lbs (Out of Stock)
Quantity ($95/each):
14-16 lbs (Out of Stock)
Quantity ($105/each):
16-18 lbs (Out of Stock)
Quantity ($120/each):
18-20 lbs (Out of Stock)
Quantity ($130/each):
20-22 lbs (Out of Stock)
Quantity ($145/each):
24-26 lbs (Out of Stock)
Quantity ($170/each):

Add-On Service:

Choose either option below for $20 per turkey:

Quantity ($20/each):
Break Down (2 breasts, 2 legs)
Quantity ($20/each):


Our traditional deboned Turkey Rotis are stuffed with our famous homemade all pork sausage stuffing, tied, and ready to roast. 

Our stuffing is Gluten free and contains chestnuts, but we are happy to accommodate your order for those with nut allergies.  

***Each Roti weighs approximately 8lb+

With Chestnuts (Out of Stock)
Quantity ($130/each):
Without Chestnuts (Out of Stock)
Quantity ($130/each):


Whole Brick Turkeys

Just like our brick chicken, our Brick Turkey is a butterflied whole turkey, with the breast bone removed that will give you that crispy skin, succulent meat, and takes HALF the time to roast!  They come seasoned with salt, pepper, and Herbes de Provence, unless no seasoning is requested. 

*** Each Brick Turkey weighs approximately 10lb – 12lb 

*** (Turkey bones for broth or gravy will be included with your order to take away)


Seasoned (Out of Stock)
Quantity ($155/each):
No seasoning (Out of Stock)
Quantity ($155/each):

Half Brick Turkeys

For a smaller family less than 4, we recommend a Half Brick Turkey.

*** Each Half Brick Turkey weighs approximately 5lb – 6lb

*** Turkey’s bone for broth or gravy will be included with your order to take away


Seasoned (Out of Stock)
Quantity ($80/each):
No seasoning (Out of Stock)
Quantity ($80/each):


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We recommend choosing your pickup date wisely, so your products stay perfectly fresh.

Pickup is available during our business hours Saturday 11/21 through Wednesday 11/25.