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In This Box:

1 pkg Mabre Steaks

1 pkgs Chicken Breast marinated

1 Honey Dijon Pork Tenderloin

1 Pkg breakfast sausage

1 Pkg Applewood smoked Bacon

4 Burger Patties

1 dozen pastured eggs

Enjoy perfect pre-packed delicious meats for your Weekend Getaway!  Enjoy the , effortless and pre-marinated meats for BBQ or quick grill/pan-sear Bavette steak.  An easy sausage with eggs and bacon can also be your brainy breakfast plan. Serving 2 – 4 people.



Ordering Policy

Boxes must be ordered 72 hours in advance to guarantee availability.All items cut as close to the listed weight as possible and seal packed for convenient storage and placed in an Olivier’s thermal bag.No substitutions allowed. You can request additional items to be included to your box at an additional cost. Please call the shop to inquire.Any cancellations must be made by calling Olivier’s Butchery up to 48 hours prior pick up date. Later cancellations or not picking up your box will result in forfeited payment.All orders must be picked up at Olivier’s Butchery on the scheduled date to ensure the freshness of your product ordered.

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