Dry-Aged Côte de Boeuf

A Côte de Boeuf is, simply put, a thick bone-in ribeye cut in between the ribs.  Generally speaking, each steak weighs anywhere from 2.5-3 pounds and feeds 2-3 people.  A Côte de Boeuf can be cut as individual ribs or as a roast. People sometimes refer to it as “cowboy steak”.

Dry aging is a process whereby beef is aged at a particular temperature for an allotted amount of time. It enhances the flavor and tenderness of the beef, and provides for a ” unique” flavor – nutty, rich, earthy

We look at dry aging as more of an art than a science. At Olivier’s Butchery, we take pride on choosing every single rack of beef carefully to be dry aged, to make sure you experience the absolute best taste.

All of our Cote de Boeuf release in limited amount. We recommend to order in advance to reserve your ribs. Simply call the shop to provide your info and deposit for your order.



Select your preferred aging range, and pre-order your côte de boeuf well in advance.  We often have 21, 45 and 69 days dry-aged available at the store for same-day purchase.  Note that other special aging are available in VERY limited amount, so don’t wait! We require $50 deposit each rib that you reserve.  You will pay the different of the day of pick up.  All deposit will by forfeit, if you don’t pick up on the day of reservation.

Côte de boeuf are available at the following dates:

100 Days Aged

125 Days Aged

165 Days Aged

200 Days Aged