About Olivier's Butchery

Learn more about Olivier and the history of our butchery.


Sourcing the highest quality meat is everything to Olivier’s Butchery. We have searched the length and breadth of the US and local Ranches to find the best meat and its quality is second to none. We personally hand select and transport the livestock ourselves to guarantee you the best of what we see and choose for our store, where we practice our old fashion butchering and breakdown each carcass Olivier brings back as often as 1 to 2 times a week. It is this attention to detail that makes Olivier’s meats so special.

Visiting animals, working closely with our ranchers, and making sure they are humanely raised and happy is Olivier’s passion, skill and craft, passed down from generation to generation in his family.  All cuts are prepared to order in order to deliver exactly what you looking for every time.


All of all the cattle is raised naturally in open pastures of local ranchers.  The animals eat clover and grass and are never subjected to artificial hormones or antibiotics. Animals are treated with the utmost care, using humane animal welfare practices.

At Olivier’s Butchery, we strive to raise as much of our own cattle as possible, as well as collaborate with long time local ranchers to provide incredible quality beef all year long.

To better serve our customer’s needs we also sell the highest quality Grass-fed, grain-finished meat, GMO- and pesticide-free.



We are untiringly raising our own pigs and working with other local farmer to bring you the kind of pig that Olivier’s Grandmother use for his family butcher shop in France. All of our pork is locally sourced where they are assured a comfortable happy life, outside, where they are meant to be. The meat is exceptionally tender, juicy and tasty. They are exclusively Duroc, Berkshire, and Hampshire.

Life at the ranch

Check out the gallery below to meet our animals and see their life on the ranch.