Custom Cut and Wrap

at Olivier’s Diamond Springs location

At Olivier’s Butchery, we pride ourselves in providing excellent service and products to our customers.  We place that same care into cut and wraps, ensuring you a quality product: Beef, Pork, Lamb and Goats.  Fair animals are welcome!

All cut and wrap products can be frozen per customers request.  Storage fees will apply weekly ($50 first week, $10 every week after totaling 30 days) after scheduled pick up.  No rendering or waste fees apply.  Please specify and consult with employees on any special request prior to cutting. Half payment on total price is due when carcass and order is received.  Be aware that there is an inherent loss of weight on final product due to trimming.  This is especially true for carcasses that are not clean prior to arrival.  All cuts will be vacuum sealed.  If you do not pick up your meat with-in 30 days your meat will be disposed of and deposit will be forfeited.


Minimum $60 for Lamb and Goat

For other question please call (530) 642-2257 or email